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Walco Laminators Powered by Novacel :

Walco joined Novacel in 2017 to become the first global engineering company dedicated to laminators for precision application of protective films.

Walco is a brand that relies on know-how of 3 companies, 1 in the USA and 2 in Europe (France and Italy).

Novacel recommends Walco laminators to apply perfectly Forglass films on glazed surfaces.

Walco VX 2 is the innovative laminator for glass industry

Walco Laminator for Glass Industry
Walco VX2 : vertical laminator designed for IGU processors

Designed for IGU processors, this nonesuch vertical laminator protects window glass with efficiency.

Advantages :

  • Size automatic calculation : The operator can put successively several sizes of glass on the VX2 that adapts itself to the variety of length and height.
  • Recessed automatic cut : Margin free of protective films all around the IGU. It allows window manufacturers to set up the window frame without removing the film.
  • Forglass 9561 by Novacel compatible : With 12 months outdoor life, Forglass 9561 is especially designed to protect IGU during transport and handling until the window manufacturer.
  • Compliant with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC

Discover WALCO VX2!

Turnkey solution for a perfect lamination

Walco Laminator for glass processors
Our turnkey solution for lamination on
the back of mirror & painted glass

Designed by Novacel for glass processors, this simple laminator is very easy to set up and handle.

«  Plug and laminate » was the target to develop this machine. Even if it is very simple to use, this laminator has many key features to be used for the protection of the glass and especially safety back film 9212 :

  • Quick and simple installation in the workshop : pre-assembly machine
  • Easy loading / unloading of the glass thanks to rollers on the conveyors
  • Quick glass thickness adjustment 
  • Easy installation of the film roll with pivoting roll holder
  • Compatible with Forglass 9212 rolls in max1300mm x 300m


More info on WALCO® website!