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Novacel committed for a green planet!

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Glass experts, producers & processors, rely on quality of Forglass by Novacel

Flat glass is everywhere in buildings : from windows to appliances through decoration. Glass undergoes a lot of handlings and can be damaged at many occasions especially during transportation.

Forglass films by Novacel offer peace of mind solutions to preserve your glass during all its value chain.​

Forglass films by Novacel offer to glass industry a wide range of solutions for :

  • Coated glass
  • Mirrors and painted glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Insulating glazing
  • Whatever the glazed surfaces to be protected, we study your processes and we offer the best film that meets your needs.

Glass producers

Because the earlier the film is applied in the process, the longer glass remains intact, Forglass films are the best ally for Glass producers.

Forglass range is the result of strong partnerships with Glass producers. This range will go on growing to bring new solutions to Glass producers.

Forglass films by Novacel  are designed to help day to day work of Glass producers. For example, Forglass 9212 is the largest safety back film available on the market, enabling glass producers to cover DLF in 1 single pass.

Whatever the type of glass : float, coated, silvered, painted,… Novacel has at least one available protection solution to propose.

Glass processors 

Among glass processors, there is a growing need for protection from IGU processors.

IGU are high value added products, window manufacturers and final customers are more and more strict on the quality of the glass.

Forglass 9342 and 9343 are a perfect mean to keep the value of the IGU all along its value chain. Forglass 9342 and 9343 are also a key to increase customers satisfaction. They buy a clean surface that will remain intact until the end of its installation.

Forglass 9343 and Walco VX2, the innovative vertical laminator, are perfect allies to achieve customer satisfaction.

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