For Mirrors & Lacquered Glass

Also called anti-shatter film, Forglass 9212 is one of the few permanent films offered by Novacel. It is laminated to the back of mirrors and lacquered glass to protect them from damage. It has been specially designed to adapt to the paints on the back of the mirror. 

A glass without any safety back film and with Forglass 9212

The breakage could be very dangerous for operators during handling of the glass, but also for customers in every day life. In the event of a rupture, Forglass 9212 allows the shattered pieces of mirror to be held together to avoid any accident. 

Novacel 9212 : our permanent safety film

To confirm its reliability, Forglass 9212 has been certified by an independent laboratory. It has passed successfully the European norm EN12600 (2B2 level), also called "impact norm". 

NOVACEL® 9212 PET Clear Transparent Acrylic 70 µm Up to 2 550 mm 
Without liner

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Safer for operators and users

Perfect adhesion on paints

Wide widths

Compatibility with the most of silicone adhesives

Resistance to warm and humid conditions

An homogeneous aspect when applied on the surface