For Acid Etching Process

For the acid etching process :

During the acid etching process, the side that is not etched is protected with a protective film to avoid it is damaged by acid fumes and projections.

Forglass 4168  is designed to be easily laminated with a lamination machine able to apply 2 stripes of film at the same time. Thus glass PLF are 100% protected. Forglass film is available in rolls of 1650mm.

Forglass 4168 sticks perfectly on the glass without lift off on the edges. It resists to acid projections and fumes. It increases productivity and avoids frosted glass scraps.

Moreover, Forglass 4168 is easy to peel off from the glass just after the etching process and before the control.

Reference Film Adhesive Total Thickness
4168 PE acrylic 30

Other references of films are available in the range depending on the etching line constraints.

Benefits :

  • Perfect adhesion
  • Acid resistant
  • Robust