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Novacel committed for a green planet!

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Let’s discover Forglass 9343 by Novacel

Unmatched protection for IGUs : 365 days of outdoor guaranteed safety !

Our Glass solutions

The ForGlass range gathers several films dedicated for the protection of glass from insulating glazing to acid etched glass.

Usually speaking, protection of the glass is a concern for professionals of the industrials dealing with glass. Glass may be damaged all along the value chain and especially during transportation. Forglass range, strong of Novacel’s experience in the design of temporary protective films, offers solutions to a wide range of glass.

Each glass professional will find the best solution to his need in the Forglass range !

Our Glass Solutions

Forglass range

For Insulated Glazing

Forglass range

Up to 1 year worldwide outdoor guaranty ! Forglass range the best partners to preserve glazing during all the construction of the building

Forglass 9212

For Mirrors & Lacquered Glass

Forglass 9212

Beef up your mirrors with Forglass 9212 ! The best permanent anti-shatter film for the back of mirrors and lacquered glass

Forglass 4201

For Coated Glass

Forglass 4201

Let's protect your sensitive coated glass with Forglass 4201

Forglass 4168

For Acid Etching Process

Forglass 4168

You will find in Forglass range your best ally to secure the sensitive etching operation

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